A jazz trio indicative of the 1930s with vintage appeal and a quirky spin on classics from the great American songbook and other popular modern gems, past and present.

Featuring an electric guitar and a sweet lil' parlour acoustic, plucks and bows from a cello and seductive lead vocals.


The trio moves through jazz, soul and blues favourites converting them into modern day gems. Expect FX with pedals, whistling and other quirky parlour tricks all wrapped up in a slicked back cabaret assemblage.

Snippets of Norah Jones, Edith Piaf and Billy Holiday might bring the mental picture into focus. Featuring the sultry voice of Urshula Leung, blues inspired guitar licks from Mr Tim Gray and cello lines from Nicholas Mercer.

The trio is available to hire for private functions, meetings and events.

For bookings , rates and enquiries please see our contacts.

La vie en rose - Red Light Parlour Trio
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The bare necessities - Red Light Parlour Trio
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Sinkin' soon - Red Light Parlour Trio
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Red Light Parlour trio

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